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Recruiter.com: Best Recruiting and Career Resources – Free Download

Download Career and Recruiting Resources

Download these special recruiting and career resources for free.

Employee Recognition: The Best Bet for Your Bottom Line

It wasn’t too long ago that most employee incentive programs simply consisted of health benefits and paid vacation days. Today, however, those things are not enough to constitute a world-class employee recognition program. Employers that want to attract and retain top talent in 2016 need to rethink their employee engagement strategies and offer programs that motivate and inspire their employees to strive for more.

If We Want High-Performance Recruiters, We Need Technology That Gets Out of Their Way

Recruiters tend to be people people. They want to build relationships and treat candidates like human beings. Unfortunately, rigid recruiting processes and inefficient recruitment technologies often hold them back. When that happens, recruiting becomes a cold and transactional process — but that’s not the best way to attract top talent. In order to put talent first, recruiters need the right tech tools on their side. This eBook takes a look at exactly what that tech tool might be.

Mobile Recruiting 2.0: How to Use Text Messages to Simplify Candidate Engagement

Discussions of mobile recruiting seem to focus almost exclusively on mobile-optimized career sites and job postings. These are important pieces of any mobile recruiting strategy, but they alone are not enough. Recruiters need a way to engage directly with candidates via mobile devices. That’s where text messaging comes in. Texting offers a quicker, easier, more productive alternative to email and phone calls.

Digital Structured Interviews: The Secret to Doubling Your Recruiting Success
Hiring managers often trust their guts when making hiring decisions. The problem is, our guts are terrible at making hiring decisions, and data-based hiring methods in general always outperform our instincts by at least 25 percent. In fact, when it comes to data-based hiring methods, one in particular stands above the rest: the structured interview. Structured interviews, when administered correctly, have a predictive validity of 62 percent – twice as high as the predictive validity of unstructured interviews.

4 Ways Recruitment Technology Can Help You Deliver a World-Class Onboarding Process

Onboarding is the best way to boost new hire productivity, employee engagement, and overall retention rates. Unfortunately, very few companies have the time, money, or manpower to create and maintain best-in-class onboarding programs. That’s where recruitment technology comes in. With the right software solution, any company can bring its onboarding game to the next level.

Next-Generation Tools for Your Recruitment Software

Altogether, recruiters in the U.S. spent a combined 82 years — yes, years — reviewing resumes in July 2015 alone. What recruiters need is a way to cut down on the amount of time they spend sorting through resumes, but they need a way to do this that will not filter out great candidates for silly reasons, the way many ATSs currently do. What recruiters need is automated resume parsing/resume matching software.

Networking 101: What You Need to Know for Networking Success
Let’s face the facts: employers and recruiters are much more willing (and more likely) to hire individuals that were recommended to them, or those that they have met before. Hiring contacts that they already have lessens the chance of hiring an under qualified candidate, and makes the process easier overall. Moral of the story is: networking will heighten your chances of being hired and will help you advance within your career.

How the Right ATS Can Help Recruiters Deliver Winning Candidate and Hiring Manager Experiences and Make Better Placements

When recruiters face animosity from candidates and hiring managers at the same time, it may seem impossible to please anyone. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, recruiters can please everyone. They can deliver great candidate experiences and great hiring manager experiences at the same time. All it takes is the right ATS.

10 Predictions About the Evolution of Applicant Tracking Systems

For applicant tracking systems, this is the dawning of a new era. The ATS is evolving right before our very eyes, and these are our ten predictions on the future of the applicant tracking system, the most essential of the recruiter’s tools.

How Recruiting Analytics Can Help You Hire Smarter

In recent years, the phrase “recruiting analytics” has been bandied about a lot. Rather than skim the surface of this critical trend, this eBook will dive into what recruiting analytics are and explore the ways in which recruiters can use the right data to take their practices to the next level.

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