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HR metrics: What do high-performing companies track?

A new study on HR metrics by i4cp shows that higher-performing companies are more apt to measure talent-related metrics than lower performers. Common talent-related metrics include movement within the organization, quality of hires, quality of promotions and the cost of training/development.

For example, 93% of higher performers measure employee engagement, compared with 79% of lower performers. In this economy in particular, engaging the workforce is of paramount importance.

93% of higher performers utilize employee engagement surveys, compared with 78% of lower performers. Ninety percent of high performers report the use of satisfaction surveys for such measures, compared with 68% of lower performers.

As HR continues its quiet evolution to organizational performance advisor, the business partner role will continue its shift. The sourcing of this role will evolve, as will the competencies companies are looking for and the organizational structures they put in place to support it.

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