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WHITE PAPER: HR Technology Trends

HR is getting a digital makeover.

Enterprise software companies with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions such as IBM and Oracle have been purchasing human capital management (HCM) systems such as Kenexa and Taleo, respectively, to create a more complete solution between current business operations and future talent.

“Big data and cloud computing will dominate the management of the funnel from talent community to finalist to hire,” says Yazad Dalal, VP of Global for TMP Worldwide. “These systems will conspire to make candidates feel like they’re part of the company before they’re even recognized applicants.”

As a result of this consolidation, HR tools will be used by both HR professionals and employees.

“Managing people, setting goals, finding information, training, and collaboration are functions that can be performed through the tools of an HR talent management system, which behind the scenes also serves as a toolset for the core employee system of record,”

Find out HR productivity-enabling trends.

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