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Get the best results from a job board

network picIn order to get the best results from a job board, it’s always worth listening to the advice each individual job board has to be offer, says Amy Edwards, Digital Marketing Manager at Bubble Jobs.

“Each works in a different way and each knows their audience better than anyone else.”

Different candidates search in different job boards

“While some prefer the typical what/where search, others prefer to search by job area/category so it’s always worth ensuring you’ve chosen the correct job categories for each advert and you’ve posted your job in the right location.

In terms of getting the best deals from job boards, Edwards suggests considering your long-term hiring plans- opting for a six/12 month subscription bundle can work out to be much more cost-effective compared to purchasing individual adverts – and can help you to streamline your recruitment process.

Evaluate  a job board beyond the bottom line
Amy Edwards says. “When it comes to evaluating a job board, it’s worth looking beyond the bottom line in terms of views and applications. Consider what you received for your money and what level of quality the candidates were who applied.”

And she  warns that while large view numbers and application figures can look impressive initially, it’s worth analysing each application to see how relevant each candidate was – and how likely you’d be to take them through to the next stage of the recruitment process.
Edwards recommends that when reviewing candidates received through recruitment advertising, consider if there are any candidates that applied who aren’t necessarily right for the position you advertised, but would be a good fit for your company in general and could be added to your existing candidate database:

“In this situation, a job board could prove to have great ROI in the long-term and could help to bring your recruitment costs down in the future because they’ve already provided you with a number of relevant candidates for upcoming roles.”

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