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PRESENTATION: The employment landscape has shifted with candidates dominating the job market

According to CareerBuilder, finding, recruiting and hiring candidates is a constantly evolving process.

To stay competitive and attract today’s best candidates you need research.

carToday the power has shifted from the employer to the candidate, as employers find themselves losing top performers, and candidates with specialized skills are in high demand, making it even harder for headhunters and hiring managers to find.

More than half (54%) of employers admit that over the past five years it has grown increasingly difficult to find qualified candidates.
50% of all employers say it’s hard to find candidates with the appropriate skills for the positions they are hiring for.

Candidates expect simplicity in their journey

Now, a question:
Have you applied for one of your jobs recently?
How was it?
Did you experience a seamless application process?
Did you have to complete countless forms in boxes before submitting your CV?
Could you tie your LinkedIn profile to the application with the mere click of a button?

buyA candidate’s journey can be simple or complicated, depending on a number of variables. Try to ensure that every candidate you have contact with has the best journey you can provide.

The Guardian has reported extensively on this very issue – graduates apply for upwards of 70 vacancies before landing a job, professionals average 15 applications. That’s a lot of form filling, and always the same information.

This presentation will help hiring managers and recruitment professionals get a behind-the-scenes look at candidates’ job search process as well as other employers’ hiring process to empower them with the insights necessary to gain a competitive recruitment edge.

One way to stay ahead of the game is to understand the expectations and processes job seekers take into their job search. CareerBuilder’s Candidate Behavior Study has the data you need to glean useful insights to improve your employer brand including:

  • The candidate-powered economy
  • The candidates’ ideal recruitment process
  • Real-world examples of strategies that work

How to Understand the Candidate-Powered Economy — And Come Out Ahead from CareerBuilder for Employers

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