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Navigating Brand Building

Brand building is becoming more difficult to navigate in the age of increasing consumer knowledge and participation
According to David Sleeth-Keppler, as consumers gain more power and competition increases, companies need to be in the people and customer service business, rather than in the business of the products and services they sell. As a result, if you don’t build a relationship with customers and offer a personalized interactive experience, you will become commoditized. The keys to wowing your customers include having happy employees and a customer-first culture. Also use big data, social media, and corporate social responsibility programs to improve the customer experience.
Building a brand is more challenging than ever because consumers have unlimited choice and are well informed. Therefore, the role of marketing is changing dramatically. The marketing team needs to be data savvy and think of itself as a newsroom that presents engaging and entertaining content that also helps customers solve problems. It also needs to form an ecosystem with the customer service and sales teams to help provide the best customer experience possible.

Most customers don’t just like self-service—surprisingly often, we go out of our way to self-serve. How customers want to be served, and how they want to engage with companies, has changed considerably in the past decade. The problem is that most service strategies haven’t followed suit, and this is hurting companies not just once but twice, through increased operating costs and decreased customer loyalty. This adaptation from The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty explores the mismatch between how customers want to be served and how executives think they want to be served.

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