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VIDEO SERIES & ANALYSIS: DNA of Engagement: How Organizations Build and Sustain Highly Engaging Leaders |CBE & Kelly Services Research

Does your company foster a culture of engagement?
As Rebecca Ray explains this Conference Board Insight Minute, engagement can make a difference in employee and organizational performance; however, promoting a culture of engagement in the workplace is not easy. Chief human resources officers are in a prime position to affect business results through human capital—there are few things more important in their role than building a culture of engagement and the highly engaging leaders who will deliver performance through engaged teams.

4 Reasons to Improve Employee Engagement

With all the numbers and statistics that pass across executives’ desks, it’s no wonder the employee engagement score feels like one drop in a very large ocean. But it’s not. Employee engagement is a business measure like no other.

‘Engaged’ employees work harder, stay longer with their organisation and deliver better customer service. The greater the proportion of your staff that make it into the ‘engaged’ category, the higher your performance is likely to be on almost every count.

So, if you’d like to live in a world where more of your employees do all of these things, this paper gives you the tools to make it happen. No matter what your legacy issues may be, or what your employee engagement results have been in the past, it is possible to create a highly engaged workforce quickly, easily and without disproportionate investment in time, money or technology.

Engagement is NOT an annual survey. Engagement is frequent, relevant and meaningful feedback and recognition. And the right tools will deliver exactly this.

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There are four key reasons to get engagement right in your organisation:

  1. to raise your productivity
  2. to reduce your turnover
  3. to improve your customer service, and
  4. to engage every employee, regardless of age or experience level.


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How engaged are your employees?

Rebecca Ray explains this Conference Board Insight:


It is crucial for CEOs and the senior team to take the lead in championing a highly engaged culture. What specific actions can CEOs take to hold leaders accountable in sustaining and enhancing employee engagement?

An engaging work environment leads to increased productivity across the organization and eventually improves its business outcomes. Nevertheless, promoting a culture of engagement is not easy. In addition to a robust strategy and an inspiring mission, it requires the organization to effectively develop high engaging leaders—the quality of leadership within an organization makes a critical difference in fostering an engaging culture.

What are behaviors critical to winning the hearts and minds of employees and unlocking their full potential at work?
How do high engaging leaders approach engagement?
What are organizations doing to support leaders at all levels?

This report draws on surveys, focus groups, interviews, and site visits conducted by The Engagement InstituteTM, and features in-depth case studies from 15 exemplar organizations: Accenture, Caterpillar, Cardinal Health, Deloitte, Fifth Third Bank, Mahindra Group, Mayo Clinic, McDonald’s, NASA, Teach For America, Quicken Loans, The Coca-Cola Company, US Army Audit Agency, US Patent and Trademark Office, and Wipro.

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