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A Growth Mindset for High Performance

by Dr. Coert Visser, MMC

Research shows that people with a fixed mindset develop a focus on proving that they have this capability rather than on the process of learning. People with a growth mindset, on the other hand, develop a tendency to put effort into learning strategies that improve learning and long-term performance.

shutterstock_142027168Dr. Coert Visser, contests that a growth mindset is an important condition for change. People with fixed mindsets see their capabilities as unchangeable, natural talents that can’t be developed. Those with growth mindsets view their capabilities as a potential to be developed. A growth mindset culture encourages cooperation, openness, and an emphasis on learning.

In studies, it’s proven that people with a growth mindset were more effective in their work in several ways.

  • They became more open for feedback and criticism.
  • They became more effective in solving difficult problems by putting in more effort and by searching for more effective approaches.
  • Those who were managers became more effective in coaching.

People can learn to have a growth mindset if they:

  • Are trained in and informed about the growth mindset.
  • Feel they can perform and control the behavior.
  • Have a positive attitude about the behavior.
  • Know that a growth mindset is expected and supported in the organization.

If organizations can build a culture where a growth mindset, there are benefits for individuals and the organization as a whole.

Coert Visser is a psychologist, author, and expert on the Solution-Focused approach to coaching and change. His www.solutionfocusedchange.blogspot.com has become a trusted source of reference regarding cutting-edge psychological research which is relevant to solution-focused practitioners, coaches, and consultants.

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