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EXECUTIVE INSIGHT: Kelly Global Workforce Index

2014 KGWI Executive Insights

Today’s modern-day worker spans across gender, generations, regions, and industries, and embodies contemporary thinking and trends.

What are the driving forces behind this workforce—and furthermore, what do they want from their employers?

To better understand the motivations behind today’s workforce, and how employers can best act and react to worker expectations, Kelly® developed the Kelly Global Workforce Index™ (KGWI), that collected feedback from nearly 230,000 workers across 31 countries, three generations, and a multitude of industries and occupations – a comprehensive look at this group and their expectations for employment: their needs, wants, and goals for current and future employment as well as their expectations for both the acquisition and retention phases of employment.

In this report you’ll find a few key points to help you take action at your own organization to meet the demands of the modern-day worker, providing you with the best ways to attract and retain this top-notch class of empowered individuals.

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About Kelly Services - Global:  Kelly specializes in providing world-leading staffing solutions. Backed by an international network of more than 2,600 offices in 39 countries, including 21 European countries,  is serving clients around the world by delivering a wide range of services, including recruiting, human resources management and placement for job-seekers. All offices, with more than 555,000 employees, apply the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM).

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