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Strategy is about trade-offs and forward looking

Brad Haudan, Managing Director, Strategy Deployment at Root Inc. contests that strategy is about a focused effort at all levels of the business on how to gain competitive advantage. This should  translate to the functional and managerial level of the business to rally employees around a common strategic direction that in turn becomes the source of competitive differentiation.

Strategy is about trade-offs. It’s just as important to decide what you will not do or stop doing as what you will start doing.  Or it can be as mission-critical as which markets to focus on or not.

Given this realization, leadership teams foster cultural environments that that allow for  debate and disagreement. Then, they hold each other rigorously accountable to supporting the decision once it has been made.

Strategy is forward looking. High performing organizations  update and communicate the corporate strategy, assess the organizational capabilities to execute it, and develop training programs to fill capability gaps.


Root’s solutions enable organizations to deploy strategies successfully, create broad transformation or culture change, execute large-scale skill building, develop more effective leaders and managers, and find the bright spots in your business. Root does this by bridging the communication, process, skill, or functional gaps keeping your business from achieving expected results. Just ask the 800+ organizations worldwide they’ve helped accelerate strategic outcomes.

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