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Winning Customers for Life | Who’s in the driver’s seat?

Gary Magenta, Senior Vice President, Root Inc. says: “You might think you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to creating amazing experiences for your customers. You’ve put the right people in place, shaped the customer experience strategy, and dedicated the time and resources to ensuring the experience is unique and differentiating. I hate to put the brakes on, but it’s not that simple. Your customers are actually in the driver’s seat – and the best CX leaders recognize that customers are evaluating their experiences at every turn. They’re observing, sharing information, and influencing others … about your products, services, and your brand. They are, in fact, deciding with every interaction whether or not they want to be your loyal customer … your customer for life. So no matter how hard you’re working or how much you believe you’re making the right decisions that will result in exceptional experiences, your customer will ultimately determine your success.”

“When your brand does things right, you’ve excited the shopper and loyalty has been secured.”

So what is the secret?

“It all boils down to experience. How you treat your customers and make them feel at each and every touch point is what drives them to choose you again and again. This is why you must think about the customer experience from a holistic perspective and what decisions you need to make to deliver on that holistic perspective.”



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