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12 Doors | Gateways to amazing places

cubaPhoto: Dara/Flickr

There’s something so delightfully mysterious about an open door, leading to an unusual place you’ve never seen before. Perhaps, if you manage to walk through the right doorway, you’ll end up where you’ve always wanted to be. We brought together some open doors from around the world that you’ll wish you could walk through.

The Amantani Isle in Peru.
There are ancient Tiwanaku and Incan ruins on top of the mountains in Peru’s Amantani Island. (Photo: Francesco Muratori/Flickr)

Bassenthwaite Lake StationEngland’s Bassenthwaite Lake Station closed in 1966, but its structures still stand. (Photo: Christina Rose Howker/Flickr)

doorsThe Mediterranean shore alongside Tel Aviv, Israel, is famous for its sandy beaches and warm water. (Photo: Protasov AN)

thaiTourism is one of Thailand’s largest industries. (Photo: Doc. Di0/Flickr)

Creek Lavender Farm in California.Creek Lavender Farm in California makes handmade lavender products. (Photo: Sharon/Flickr)

cambodiaAngkor Wat in Cambodia has a moat and outer walls. (Photo: Jerome Yewdalll/Flickr)

Cotswold Cottage in Dearborn, Michigan.Cotswold Cottage is located in Dearborn, Michigan, the city that houses the Ford Motor Company’s world headquarters. (Photo: Maia C/Flickr)

thailandKoh Phangan, an island in Thailand known for its 30,000-person full moon parties. (Photo: Sara/Flickr)

cambodiaBanteay Samre in Angkor, Cambodia, the largest pre-industrial city ever built. (Photo: Photo Dharma/Flickr)

spainThe Via de la Plata (meaning “The Silver Way”), an ancient trade route in Spain. (Photo: sam.romilly/Flickr)

Changhua City in Taiwan.Changhua City in Taiwan, commonly nicknamed the “Bamboo Town.” (Photo: Alexander Synaptic/Flickr)

swedenThe photographer’s parents’ house in Sweden. (Photo: David J/Flickr)

Source: http://www.fromthegrapevine.com

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