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INFOGRAPHIC: Women In the Workplace |Then Vs. Now




143-1920x1200 women workWomen In the Workplace: Then Vs. Now

1980 vs. Today:
The workplace is largely unequal, but gender equality in the workplace is the best it’s ever been. With millennial women leading the charge, there’s no telling what another 30 years will bring!


19% of C-level execs[2] 24% of senior vice presidents
27% of vice presidents
35% of directors
40% of managers
53% of entry level positions
Are women..

But there are still barriers to women’s workplace advancement
Women make $.77 for every $1 a man makes.[2]

Women are likelier to be passed over for high profile assignments:[2]

Amongst business school grads:
Budget over $10 million for a project:
22% of women
30% of men

Men’s budgets 2x larger than women’s
With 3x the staffers

With 1/3 men saying their project garnered C-level attention [#CEO, CFO, CTO, etc.] and 1/4 women saying the same.

So less women aspire to management[4] Percent who aspire to be management by age:[1] Millennial (18-32):
Gen X (33-48):
Boomer (49-67):

Perhaps because of parental roles:
Career interruptions:[4] [% doing the following because of a child/family member] Reduced Work Hours:
Taken a significant amount of time off:
Quit a job:
Turned down a promotion:

As number of kids increases, men work more, and women less.
With unpaid work taking up the rest of their time.

But Millennial women are changing women’s role in the workplace.

(For 25-32 y.o.’s)
With More education than their male counterparts:[1] % with a 4 year college degree
women: %38
men: %31

Earning 93% of what men the same age make:
avg. wage
Men: $16.00/hr
Women: $14.96/hr

Millennial women are more concerned with career success than millennial men.

% reporting being successful in a high-paying career is very important:
% reporting career success is very important:

How far we’ve come

In 1980:
Only half of women participated in the workforce,[6] compared to nearly 80% of men.

Women earned $.55 for every $1 a man earned.[7]

6% less women than men had bachelor’s degrees
Men: 21%
Women: 15%

But that doesn’t mean more doesn’t need to be changed!
[% millennials saying changes are needed to enhance gender equality in the workplace] Men & Women:
Country needs to keep making changes: 67%
Country has made necessary changes: 29%


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