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What Women Really Want in the Workplace

Sabrina Schaeffer puts into perspective the Independent Women’s Forum new report, Working for Women: A Modern Agenda for Improving Women’s Lives, which lays out a positive, alternative economic agenda to ensure more opportunity for women and their families.

g3ZCOCjmxH-1920x1200 cliperIWF highlights the importance of eliminating as many unnecessary barriers to entry into the workforce as possible, to make it easier for women who need and want to work to find jobs. Policymakers can start by relaxing minimum wage regulations for those who have been unemployed or are starting out in their careers, and by eliminating unnecessary licensing regulations and fees.

We advocate for lowering tax rates so that women, not the government, take home more of what they earn. And we urge lawmakers to eliminate or reduce workplace regulations that put unnecessary restrictions on how and when women can work so there’s more opportunity for flexible schedules… And of course policymakers ought to consolidate government spending and tax credits for children to again put more resources – and choices – in the hands of parents, so they have the ability to choose the childcare arrangement that works best for their families.

It all ties up with research that IWF conducted about What Women Really Want in the Workplace. The reality is that women want and need very different things. Mothers tend to be flexibility-maximizers, while non-mothers tend to be salary-maximizers. Both are valid priorities, and we want to ensure that big-government doesn’t get in the way of either goal.

About workplace gender equality

The fact is women are not all the same – and their needs and preferences for work life aren’t the same either. If we really want to see women advance in the workplace we must insist that government take a step back, allow businesses to grow and create jobs, and give women (and men) every chance to enter the workforce, gain experience, and find jobs that fit their needs.

By balancing the scales of equality, women and men will have an equal chance to contribute both at home and in the workplace, thereby enhancing their individual wellbeing, and that of society.

Sabrina L. Schaeffer is executive director of Independent Women’s Forum. Follow Sabrina Schaeffer on Twitter:

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