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VIDEO & Photos: What will humans look like in 1,000 years?

If you have ever wondered what the next generation of humans will look like, science might have given us a peak of our future selves!According to research by ‘Asap Science’, a Canadian based company, the future human body will be a composition of nanotechnology parts, which could enhance or replace any of our natural parts. Add to that our ability to download more memory to our brains and you have the new human. It is akin to the goals and the intellectual movement called ‘transhumanism, which aims to transform the human condition by developing and utilising new technologies to enhance the physical, intellectual and psychological capacities of people. Here are some photos of what we might look like.

Half human, half robot


Our eyes might turn red


Genetic engineering and evolution will make humans taller, thinner and more athletic


Scientists claim the changes will start to visible to everyone by the year 2050


Our eyes will look larger by the year 2100


‘Let’s see, should I download the new episodes of Game of Thrones, or should I download and learn the new manual of how the office robot works’


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