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VIDEO Series: Ulrich Insights | HR Magazine | MHR

image70Nearly 20 years after he wrote his seminal Human Resource Champions book and in celebration of the 25th anniversary of HR magazine, HR’s number one thinker Dave Ulrich talks to HR magazine editor Katie Jacobs about the past, present and future of the HR profession.In this series of videos, Ulrich, who is Rensis Likert professor at Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, looks at what drives business performance and how HR can help businesses win.

The series, kindly sponsored by MHR, formerly known as MidlandHR, will examine managing multiple stakeholders, analytics, transforming HR and speed teaching.


How to manage HR from the outside in.

When you are dealing with multiple stakeholders, how do you know what each stakeholder is looking for? How can HR best deliver to the customer of the business, the investor and the community?

HR outcomes

This webinar will discuss the areas in which HR can bring analytics to the top table. It focuses on the need to excel in three areas: talent, leadership and culture

Transforming HR

Managing today’s paradox: why are analytics so scary for HR. What should we be measuring in HR? What is the model for HR in the future?

Whitepaper: The Future of Talent Management

buyyyyTo complement the Ulrich Insights webinar series, MHR, a leader in talent management, HR, payroll and business analytics, has published a complimentary whitepaper – The Future of Talent Management.

The paper explores the heightened importance of talent, and looks at how organisations can become more agile and drive growth through modern ways of working and driving performance. Request your copy today.

Organisations are changing, and as structures within the workplace move from the traditional top-down, designed for control and alignment to more collaborative, flat structures with a borderless working environment, the role of automated technology will be crucial. Rapid business change, new specialised roles and intense competition mean organisations are striving for social tools to improve engagement, collaboration and continuous feedback. As the workplace changes to become borderless, the need to access information and to manage employees and applicants will increase.

Employees now expect the amazon experience, the individualisation of information to help support their decisions. They are taking ownership of their own succession planning and career development. Data driven decisions on talent will be the norm, not the exception.

Organisations will continue to look for tools which improve collaboration, continuous feedback and use employer brand to attract the best talent. With the transformation to a knowledge based economy, with increasing demands for innovation and adaptability, organisations will need to transform to an agile workforce, supporting and encouraging the dynamic capabilities of its people, cultivating a growth mind-set and adapting to change.

With the technological shift to support talent management, the focus for the managers can be having good conversations with their people. Having those good conversations on roles and career development sends a message that the employee has something to offer, is valued and has the potential to develop and evolve.

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