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The superboss approach: How to Become a Talent Magnet | Strategy+ Business

A decade or so ago, Sydney Finkelstein discovered an interesting fact about Alice Waters, the legendary chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, Calif., who played a pivotal role in launching the farm-to-table movement. “Industry insiders will tell you that Waters is also known for something else: spawning the country’s best …

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REPORT: Growth Strategies in a Global Economy | Knowledge@Wharton

As nations continue to emerge from the Great Recession, they face similar challenges in the effort to rebuild and strengthen their economies. But successful transformation does not come without growing pains: As they look to what worked in the past, businesses and governments face the future knowing that some things …

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Analytics leveraged to unlock new growth, profitability and performance. For many companies, analytics is still a question. For high performers, analytics is the answer. High-performing companies —those that deliver continuous above-average business performance as well as above-average analytics performance—do analytics differently. In essence, the stronger a company’s commitment to analytics, …

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PRESENTATION & Research: Connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age | McKinsey

Online labor platforms make it easier to find—and harder to retain—talented people. They give companies a real opportunity to transform the way they recruit, develop, and engage their employees. In fact, LinkedIn and sites like Careerbuilder and Monster.com have changed the way employers and employees connect, and digital marketplaces such …

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