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Workplace trends: 4 myths about how work gets done and what we should be doing instead


Dr. Anna Akbari, a sociologist contests that not all workplace trends improve performance. From co-working spaces to collaboration, the “best work” environment is contested, along with the eight-hour workday, the 9-to-5 time frame, the one-hour lunch, the 15-minute break — these being merely social constructs, and not “natural” operational modes …

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New global study: Mobility, Performance and Engagement: MOBILE IS NOT JUST FOR MILLENIALS | Economist Intelligent Unit (EIU)

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A new global study, ‘Mobility, Performance and Engagement’ sponsored by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company,and executed by the Economist Intelligent Unit (EIU) has established a measurable link between ‘more mobile-first’ working environments, and an increase in employee engagement, proving that CIOs can drive increased business performance through well developed …

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VIDEO Series: National Living Wage: It provides a chance to do things differently | HR Magazine


The head of people for Big Easy discusses how the NLW will be felt differently by large and small organisations The introduction of the National Living Wage could provide benefits in terms of happier, more engaged employees, according to Steve Rockey, head of people at restaurant chain Big Easy. Speaking …

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Skills shortage: Seven Learning & Development strategies


55% of UK Businesses suffering Skills Shortage Research finds that most companies are suffering a skills shortage. Around the world, governments are predicting serious employment challenges relating to a pending shortage of key skills. The UK Commission for Education and Skills (UKCES) contributes to policy and research on employment and …

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Digitization & Growth: The potential of artificial intelligence | McKinsey


According to Theodore Kinni,  IDC is forecasting that the global robotics market will rise from $71 billion in 2015 to $135 billion in 2019. Robotics have reached their tipping point, according to International Data Corp. In a newly-released research report, the firm forecasts a near doubling of the worldwide robotics …

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REPORT: Growth Strategies in a Global Economy | Knowledge@Wharton


As nations continue to emerge from the Great Recession, they face similar challenges in the effort to rebuild and strengthen their economies. But successful transformation does not come without growing pains: As they look to what worked in the past, businesses and governments face the future knowing that some things …

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