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VIDEO Series: Global Economic Outlook 2016 | CEB

Ataman Ozyildirim explains in this CEB Insight Minute on The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook 2016 Global Economic Outlook The global economy remains in a holding pattern, with weak productivity, slow growth of the global labor force, and slow investment growth working against a technology revolution that has already been …

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VIDEO Series: Talent Tales: From Not Enough Jobs to Not Enough Workers | CEB

Leslie Woodruff explains in this CEB Insight Minute. Constant disruption, such as technology and the gig economy, is changing how work gets done, how leaders lead, and the organizational model. To keep up, companies need to create flexible processes capable of changing direction midstream, embrace on-demand social learning, adopt a …

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VIDEO: Cloud computing is enabling UK business to be more mobile mobile, responsive and agile

Video interview with Sue Daley on the next 15 years of cloud computing Cloud computing forms the cornerstone to the next wave of digital development. The cloud will provide the data storage, processing and analytical capabilities needed to unlock its value. Technology has enabled businesses to become more responsive to …

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VIDEO, REPORTS & INFOGRAPHICS: The female millennial | A new era of digital talent

Millennial career stage differential The female millennial – women born between 1980 and 1995 – represent a significant and growing portion of the global talent pool. We recognise that the experience of a 34-year-old millennial woman with 12 years’ work experience and an established career will be very different to …

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VIDEOS & CASE STUDY: Women in the Workplace – Promoting international career aspirations |PwC Research

  Organisations across the world are using international mobility experiences to develop future leaders and advance the careers of key talent. Yet despite unprecedented demand, women currently only account for 20% of international assignees.  To investigate such disconnects and help organisations address them, PwC has conducted research that brings together …

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VIDEO: Organizational DNA | The key to unlocking your company’s potential

Insight Minute: Building a High Performing Organization It is no accident that certain companies are capable of maintaining an extraordinary level of execution over time. Our research uncovered three elements, gleaned from organizations that excel on both people and business measures, that identify a high-performance culture. This report outlines the …

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VIDEOS: FUELING GROWTH | Fit for Growth: a proven model for unlocking high performance and sustainable growth

Strategy&’s Fit for Growth approach is a proven model for unlocking performance that helps companies manage their cost in a more strategic way, allowing them to cut costs and grow stronger at the same time.   Next, in this video, Strategy&’s Vinay Couto reveals the 3 ingredients to fuel sustainable growth, and explains how …

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VIDEOS: Actionable Insights that fuel a High Performing Cultural Transformation

In this video conversation with Strategy& senior executive advisor and leadership guru with more than 50 years of experience studying corporate culture, Jon Katzenbach, and former Campbell Soup CEO Douglas Conant explains how executives can connect with people more effectively by putting on a pair of running shoes. Next Jon Katzenbach …

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