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VIDEOS & ANALYSIS: Social Media and Technology Trends in HR

More forward-thinking HR leaders making the connection between having a solid social media strategy and finding top talent. Digital Revolution Disrupts HR Technology, including social, gamification, cloud, mobile, big data and consumer applications, is transforming how people carry out their work—and how HR supports them in that effort. Click image …

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VIDEOS & eBook: Best Practice Recruitment and Selection Strategies: 4 Recruitment Strategies to Get Your Company Ahead

Margo Crawford, President & CEO of Business Sherpa offers five tips for recruiting candidates.   Innovators Forum guest Danika Davis, CEO of a prominent HR professional organization, outlines some of the best practices in hiring.         Four Recruitment Strategies to Get Your Company Ahead Effective recruitment strategies …

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VIDEOS: Work Rules! Insights from Google’s Recruiting that Will Transform How you Live, Work and Lead |LSE

Speaker: Laszlo Bock Chair: Professor Sandy Pepper   The idea is that, if we can do some good for the world by sharing something than by keeping it for ourselves… then it’s worth sharing. Find out about Google’s 3 Hiring profiles. Find out why Freedom = Productivity   Laszlo Bock, …

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VIDEO & WHITE PAPER: The Future of Global Talent Management

The right talent can make the difference between an organization that is performing at its peak and one that risks not achieving its business objectives. Certain positions and job functions can be especially critical to success. For filling these critical positions, companies can benefit from formalized strategies to define, attract, …

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VIDEO: Successful Business Leadership – Vision of Inspirational Leaders | MeetTheBoss

Successful business leaders have to have vision. They need to share a dream and direction that other people want to share and follow. The business leadership vision must go beyond written organizational mission statements and permeate the workplace. A vision needs to be manifested in the actions, beliefs, values and …

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VIDEO & ANALYSIS: Emotional Intelligence for the Leader in all of us – How Good Leaders Become Great | Davis Executive Leadership Program

According to Richard H. Savel and Cindy L. Munro, Emotional Intelligence for the Leader in all of us: The ability of leaders to be aware of their own emotional states to help choose how they will respond (rather than responding emotionally), combined with high levels of empathy, allows them to …

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VIDEO: Emotional Intelligence: From Theory to Everyday Practice | Models of Emotional Intelligence

Emotions matter. What we do with our emotions is especially important. When perceived accurately and regulated effectively, emotions help us to focus on important tasks, make effective decisions, enjoy healthy relationships, and manage life’s ups and downs. In this presentation from  Yale Presidential Inauguration Symposia, Professor Brackett, Director of the …

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