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Women in the Workplace

RESEARCH: Women in Management Worldwide: Pulling it All Together | The cup “half full” or “half empty”

Pulling  all together the findings of Marilyn J. Davidson and Ronald J. Burke, excellent research, Women in Management Worldwide: Progress and Prospects, representing 20 countries,  some definite and common aspects emerge. First, women’s participation rates in the workforce have increased in almost all countries, but occupational segregation still exists. Childcare …

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RESEARCH: Women in Management Worldwide | What do women bring to the table?

What do women bring to the table? Tarr-Whelan identifies five benefits organizations realize from having more women in senior jobs: Higher profits, more risk awareness, less hyper-competitive and a greater ability to survive financial downturns. Policies that contribute to individual and societal health – education, families, entrepreneurship. A stronger integration …

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EVIDENCE & SURVEY: WOMEN AND THE NEW BUSINESS LEADERSHIP | The all-male board does not work as well as the gender diverse board

The evidence is mounting According to Peninah Thomson in her excellent book WOMEN AND THE NEW BUSINESS LEADERSHIP, a combination of words and actions is required to bring about the transformation of the average board from an all-male council prone to “groupthink” into a more diverse group whose deliberations are …

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