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VIDEO Series: Mindfulness for Senior Executives


Harvard University social psychology professor Ellen Langer says organizations can make better decisions by setting the right context. Ellen Langer is an artist and Harvard psychology professor who authored 11 books on the illusion of control, perceived control, successful aging and decision-making. “We have many, many studies that suggest that …

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Business Books: Reinventing Management Efficiency | BBS library | Bizsum


Reinventing Management In Reinventing Management, Julian Birkinshaw offers alternative counterpoints to replace the traditional ways people approach management and business. Arguing that management “failed” after years of corruption and employee disenchantment, Birkinshaw presents compelling arguments for how management can be improved and updated for a new era of business. With a fresh …

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Managerial Efficiency – Adopting habits that get you poised for success |Kelly Services Research


 As an aspirational manager, you’ve already mapped out your career path and you know where you’re going. But in addition to exceeding expectations in all things work-related, there’s one more way you can beat the competition for that promotion to middle management—and that’s to adopt habits that get you poised …

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VIDEO: Why Good Managers Are So Rare? |5 Strengths to be a more effective manager

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Harvard Business Review published an article by several Gallup experts titled “Why Good Managers Are So Rare” contesting that one of the most critical decisions id deciding on who is the manager, the leader that people instinctively trust and respect. As Britt Andreatta states in her Entrepreneur article titled “5 Ways to …

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VIDEO: Is the management model we’ve been using for 100 years still valid for today’s business environment?


This video clip offers an insight into why we believe that a new approach to managing people is needed. Is the management model we’ve been using for 100 years still valid for today’s business environment? The ‘father of management’ Peter Drucker said that it isn’t:  “Organisations can no longer be …

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