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VIDEO: The hunt for the new Milk Tray Man

Cadbury’s has released a promotional recruitment video to attract would-be Milk Tray men, and women, to the role, putting their skills to the test.

Can they strike the signature pose?
Have they got the heroic abilities?
And are they thoughtful enough?

milk trayThe trainees, including sports stars Thom Evans, Denise Lewis and Robbie Savage and TV personalities Joey Essex, Spencer Matthews and Shaun Williamson, battle it out to find out.They are shown running along trains, climbing up balconies and, ultimately, delivering the chocolates.



Hortense Foult-Rothenburger is a Senior Brand Manager at Cadbury owner Mondelēz. He says of the campaign, according to the Daily Mail: “The hunt for the iconic Milk Tray Man has really captured people’s imagination. While a sense of adventure is still key to the character, times have changed, and today’s Milk Tray Man is thoughtful and goes the extra mile to put a smile on our face.

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