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Workforce Planning and Workplace innovation are major issues for HR professionals

Corporate Leadership Council reveals that 27% of high potential employees plus another 20% of non-high potentials are contemplating leaving their jobs in the next six months. An Accenture survey found 30% were ready to switch employers. More concerning is results from an American Psychological Association survey showing just over half of employees feel valued on the job. This doesn’t necessarily mean they want higher pay. Only 43% said they receive adequate recognition for their contributions at work.

HR more often serves as a partner in the areas of talent management, leadership development, managing demographics, recruiting and staffing, and change and cultural transformation at their organizations—the five areas projected as most critical for organizations.

As shown in this research, more than six out of 10 HR professionals agreed that their head of HR was strongly involved in business decisions at the board level (64% gave a favorable response, 26% gave a neutral response).

Similarly, when asked if their HR department was capable of aligning its work with the organization’s overall business strategy, most respondents were in agreement (62% gave a favorable response, while 31% gave a neutral response).

Workplace innovation is about finding new ways of doing things in the workplace, such as team working, decision making and problem solving and reskilling. It is of even greater strategic importance when faced with competitive pressures. Innovation includes the design and adoption of new practices, new structures, new relationships and ideas in the development of products and services as well as operations and processes.

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