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Finetune your touchpoints for enhancing your recruiting pedigree


According to Amy Golding, co-founder of Recruitment Entrepreneur the recruitment industry is worth in excess of £35 billion and yet remains highly fragmented with a handful of key players running the show.

According to Broadbean’s Sales Director, Steve Barnhurst, everything you do, inside and out should be around your brand and you can’t be the only one showcasing this. Everyone and anyone that represent the company need to embrace this fact. You brand has an identity and your employees need to know what that is first and foremost before you start to tell the world about it.

Let’s review some touchpoints of the recruiting process:

Sourcing  applicants

Sourcing potentially suitable applicants and reviewing CV’s  takes time, and when calculating the cost per hire metric, many recruiters fail to factor in the time that they spend on administrative aspects.

Ineffective administration and duplication  makes up the bulk of a recruiter’s time and increase costs.

Finding ways to get more good quality applicants into your shortlist, in the fastest possible time, is a must.

Selecting the candidate shortlist

A thorough approach must be followed when sifting through applicants CV’s looking for evidence that the candidate has the right skills and experience before selecting the shortlist for screening.
Most recruitment management platforms, have the ability to score and grade applicants,  placing the applicants into some sort of order of suitability for you.
This gives you a comparative advantage and will save up to 50% of the time that would have normally been spent on this part of the process.

Exploit CV information

Information  like employers, skills, reporting lines, length of service, education etc etc. to help you benchmark people and companies against the market, and determine how likely a job is to fill, and where the most likely candidates are going to come from. And your website could become a hub for candidate advice, in your niche market and location.

Reach out – Network with Industry Influencers

The key is in relevant and timely targeting, tailoring the message, and matching availability with companies who you know hire candidates with a skill set  or in a specific location or from a specific employer.

Reach out to industry influencers to become advocates for your brand.

Attend events and be seen to be taking an interest in the industries you serve.

Develop a social media program

Provide Actionable Insights

Market intelligence reports, surveys and white papers, blog posts, contributions to discussions and groups, events.

When thinking about blog content, think about what sort of questions your target audience would like the answers to and start providing those answers.

In a newsletter send  tailored messages and updates.

Post your job to the widest network of relevant advertising and sourcing channels that you can.
Around 75% of all applications should come in over the first week and choosing a wide range of advertising channels will increase your chance of getting an appropriate number of suitable candidates into your prospect list as early as possible.

Screening Potentially Suitable Applicants

  • over 50% of all recruitment selection consists of a CV application and an interview
  • only 40% of companies even bother to take references.
  • over 80% of all employees that leave their job within the first year of employment due to cultural and behavioural alignment issues, isn’t it crazy that so few companies bother to measure and assess applicants against this.

Behavioural assessments should be a minimum and even a pre-interview task assessment and a background reference check pre-offer.

Check out the following tools that will help you to perform these tasks quickly and efficiently:
Prism Brain Mapping for behavioural assessment, Launchpad, for video profiling, iCube for technical assessments, Experian for background checks.

Feedback to unsuccessful applicants
Recent surveys and polls show that as much as 80% of all applications never receive any feedback after applying for a job. Rejection emails can be personalised. That’s the least you can do.



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