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Get the most out of your recruiting ads

artnouveauTo get the most out of any advertised role, you need to attract a high number of quality candidates emphasises Simon Hughes, the founder of Jobatar. Those particular candidates can have their pick of companies to work for, and if they are to pay your role any attention, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Advertise the role with effective and well placed branding. In the same way that you need to be interested in a candidate from the first few words of a CV, they need to be first captured by your advert, and subsequently interested in the role in order to apply.

Job Advert Writing
90% of all jobs posted online are not job adverts, they are job specifications, and job specs receive less than 30% of the applications that a well written advert can achieve. The easiest way to overcome this is to establish a formula, and create a guide that can be replicated each time that you need to write advertising copy.

Advertising Channel selection
Given that 73% of all job related searches start in Google, try to replicate what the candidates will do and run a search using the job title and location, to see what Google produces in its results. If you get the top 3 individual channels covered, then you will maximise your results.

Ensuring that the advertising channels that you are using are effective is critical in measuring your CPA (Cost per application). The best performing job boards average around 15 applications per job, so that is between £5 and £10 per application if you are paying £100-£150 in advertising costs. These costs can be driven down by purchasing advertising credits through a fixed price provider where you can buy bundled packages for a single cost.

It’s the details that can make the difference between an application and a pass according to Edwards. Even simple things such as given a salary band, rather than stating “Highly Competitive” can be enough to make a candidate who’s torn between applying and not reach for that ‘apply’ button.

“Candidates these days, particularly in the highly competitive digital sector, are looking for a company that’s a bit different and that has a bit of personality – so if you can inject some of originality and character into the advert, that can help to improve application rates too. Other simple tweaks that can improve application rates also include laying out the job advert in a pleasing manner (bullet points rather than huge paragraphs of text), specifying an exact city (counties can be pretty huge) and using a relatable job title (eg. a job title someone is actually searching for!).”

“The best job adverts are those that have an immediate impact, hooking the reader in seconds; Beyond getting the basics right, Hughes would advise introducing video
job descriptions. “ A video job description is memorable and makes a company
appear innovative and modern. Diode Digital once found that, before reading
any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if available. So take advantage of
this. Introduce video job descriptions; get a HR manager to talk about the role and
the culture of the organisation in order to engage candidates as this offers them the
best flavour of the company.”

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