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The Disruption of old business models – 3 stages of the recruitment lifecycle

shutterstock_162088709Streamline the recruiting process by breaking the recruitment lifecycle down into 3 stages and then research, review and trial each of the tools that can potentially help you to meet your objectives for each stage of the recruitment process.




Stage one of the recruitment process is all about the talent attraction.

Choose the job posting and advertising solutions that are most appropriate to your vacancy. Job board advertising is still by far the most effective way to attract applicants, and choosing which ones to use can be made simpler by searching in Google for the job title and location to get a steer on where the applicants are most likely to go. If job boards are not working for you (and there are a lot of options for you to try), then you might want to consider aggregators like Indeed, LinkedIn or social media sites like Facebook.
Senior positions and hard to fill roles deserve to have a larger budget and may require more investigation into the potential solutions.
Stage two is all about campaign management and to execute this effectively you will need to find a  platform that you can operate everything from, whether is a CRM, or a Recruitment Management Platform.
It needs to perform all the functionality of an applicant tracking system and have the ability to generate reports, so that you can measure performance. A good parsing software will help reduce administration time and a good selection of pre-integrated tools is something to look out for.

Choosing the right platform is probably your biggest decision, but is central to achieving a best in class status for your recruitment activities, and when you get this bit right, selecting other tools and tactics that can work within it becomes a lot easier.

Finally, the third stage of the recruitment lifecycle is about due diligence and the screening and final selection of applicants. There are lots of tools to consider, that can assist you here. In particular, for customer facing roles, you might want to look at video profiling technology and to ensure that you recruit the right cultural fit, consider using behavioural assessment tools. Before moving to offer you can utilise ID, background and reference checkers.

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