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VIDEOS: The Human Face of Big Data – How UK businesses benefit from big data and analytics

  • Video interview with Sue Daley on how businesses across the UK can benefit from big data and analytics
Big data has huge potential to drive the UK’s productivity, create jobs and economic growth.
We must bring everyone on the big data journey by recognising not just the benefits of big data, but also concerns regarding data privacy, trust and security.

Constant disruption, such as technology and the gig economy, is changing how work gets done, how leaders lead, and the organizational model. To keep up, companies need to create flexible processes capable of changing direction midstream, embrace on-demand social learning, adopt a  forward-looking performance management system, update how they identify and develop high-potential employees, rethink succession planning, and throw out traditional approaches to career management—and they will need to do it all faster. In essence, they must redefine and alter their approach to talent management.

HR is joining the data analytics revolution that has touched all aspects of business decision making. The business case for using large data sets to glean insights about human capital is clear, but in some instances senior leaders are hesitant to use data insights to make HR decisions—though they often use data to make decisions in other areas. The challenge for HR practitioners now is to champion data-based decision making in the organization. They must lead the transition from a complicated data landscape to an integrated work flow that produces consistent quality, reporting, and finally, analytics that shed light on business challenges.

In developing a big data strategy, it’s important to take into account the full breadth and depth of big data and the role of data analytics. It’s not just about social media or personalised advertising; big data has the potential to offer a wider range of benefits and efficiencies to organisations across both the public and private sector.

Structure is a balance between form and freedom. Every organization needs a structure, but every structure must allow for the different needs of those who will use it. Which comes first, the people or the process? The answer is: both. Human-centered design starts with a strategy that incorporates business and people and allows work to proceed amid continual waves of change. The people who use this design are also balanced: between convergent thinkers who maintain the status quo and divergent thinkers who enable innovation.

The UK has a fantastic opportunity to be a world-leader in the development, adoption and exploitation of advanced Big Data analytics technologies, and is making steady progress to date.

To maximise the full potential of big data, it’s vital we have a legal framework that underpins, rather than undermines, a data-driven digital economy and its vital the government engages on important negotiations on new EU data rules to achieve this aim.

The Human Face of Big Data

Big Data represents an opportunity for us to re-imagine our world, track new signals that were once impossible, and change the way we experience our communities, our places of work, and our personal lives.

Bringing this all to life is a documentary – The Human Face of Big Data – that illustrates both the promise and peril in the growing big data revolution.

This award-winning documentary, sponsored by SAP and Intel, captures how Big Data pervades every aspect of our existence today in ways we never thought of; creating a sea of change which many experts believe will have a thousand times greater impact on our lives than the Internet.

  • Watch the trailer for The Human Face of Big Data, an award winning documentary

Article and video originally apeared on Business Reporter.

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