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WHITE PAPER: 5 Mobile Predictions for 2016

Mobile hasn’t just made it easier to do the things
we always did. It has changed the nature of our
activity and our understanding of what the brand
/ consumer relationship looks like

As 2016 approaches, we’re long past needing to point out how totally the smartphone has changed our lives. But the statistics we are by now so familiar with (we look at our phones up to 150 times a day, we spend 2 hours a day in mobile apps, etc) sometimes obscure a profounder truth:

Seen as a marketing channel, the mobile is about as personal and ubiquitous
as it gets. And that’s precisely why we should probably stop seeing it as a
marketing channel. Instead, the smart brands of 2016 will be re-thinking how
they engage with consumers at a fundamental level.

This white paper explores 5 ways in which this process will move forward in 2016 – with a practical focus on what is actually likely to happen in the next 12 months.

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