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WHITE PAPER: Best Practices for Delivering Actionable Customer Intelligence


In every industry today, businesses feel a fierce urgency to become customer-centric.

They want to know what they can do to preserve and expand existing customer relationships and attract the best new customers. They are looking to business intelligence (BI), analytics, and supporting big data, data warehousing, and customer data management platforms to help them drive smarter decisions and actions in marketing, sales, service, e-commerce, and other customer-facing activities.

Without high-quality, relevant data, there can be no customer
intelligence. It is just as important to get to know your data and
manage it well as it is to build reports and visualizations and
perform analytics.
This is never easy; many organizations have data
spread across multiple business applications, both on premises
and in the cloud.
There is structured and unstructured customer
data in sales management, e-commerce, and call center systems
as well as customer satisfaction surveys, Web logs, social media,
and clickstream sources.
Additionally, companies often tap external
demographics and customer information services.

With new analytic insights, companies seek to more easily identify how to streamline and improve their operations and innovate in the development of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) products and services.

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