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VIDEO: The HR VALUE Equation HR Today Roundtable

 What can you do to eliminate workplace negativity and increase workplace engagement?

There are two things: you can make sure you are not adding to the negativity, and you can challenge the negativity of others.Where should you start?

If You’re a Negative Contributing Factor

Realize the price you’re paying for staying too negative.
In a study done at Duke University Medical Center, it was discovered that people with high levels of cynical, complaining behaviors were 50% more likely to have clogged arteries than those who were less negative.  In another study, people with high cynicism scores had five times more heart disease than those who scored below the median.

So, how do you get rid of that negative behavior?

Quit keeping track of the negatives.
Keeping track of the negatives and continually talking about them prevents engagement.

Look for and report the positives. 
More often than not, there are more good things going on at work than bad things.  So, look for things you can celebrate rather than things to denigrate.

Once you’ve examined yourself and any contributing negatives you add to the workplace, you have a right and responsibility to challenge others who may be lowering the workplace engagement.

If the Other is a Negative Contributing Factor

Challenge the negative remarks of others. 

Warn others about the danger of taking advice from constantly negative people.
Are they winners or losers? Are they serving as an inspiration to others, or are they crushing people’s hope?

Use an imaginary filtering screen.
The moment you sense negativity coming from others, put a make-believe screen around yourself. Tell yourself the screen only allows positive comments and constructive we-can-make-it-better criticisms to flow through. You will find that you can continue to converse and stay involved with those around you, but you won’t be disengaged by their negativity.


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