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Leading Change Successfully

Change implementation is one of the most important roles of leadership

But culture has to start at the top, with the vision, mission, and values. If your leaders aren’t walking the talk according to the values, you’ll never create the culture change you desire.To inspire people to change, leaders need to be willing to change their own way of doing things. .

Which step most needs your focus to adapt the way you think, approach others, and truly effect change?

A famous motivator, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, once said, “You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things – the books you read and the people you meet.”

These are the Ten Self-Reliant Leadership Essentials that effect change – in yourself and in others.

1. Passion: What am I driven to change?
2. Vision: Do I know where I want to go?
3. Consideration: Am I assessing past events that may be holding me back from changing?
4. Intention: What happens if I don’t change? What will the future be like?
5. Planning: Have I given myself milestones for change, with due dates?
6. Commitment: Is my passion powerful? Do I have the courage to act?
7. Sacrifice: What will I need to stop doing? Am I willing to leave my comfort zone?
8. Discipline: Can I stick with the change and not procrastinate?
9. Action: Am I working my plan and measuring success?
10. Habit: Has the new behavior become a habit, so it no longer feels like a sacrifice?

The last marker of personal change is not so much an action, but a result of a disciplined approach to these ten steps: Character.

Has the habit become so ingrained as to become part of who I am?

What will be my legacy with the people I lead?

What can I do to augment my personal growth?

Which step is your strength?



To learn more about this research and guidance on developing effective practices, see Sustaining Change: Leadership that Works by Deborah Rowland and Malcolm Higgs (Jossey Bass, 2008).
For the past 20 years, Jan Rutherford’s business roles have been in marketing, business development, sales management, corporate training, product management, and government affairs. Half the proceeds of his book, The Littlest Green Beret: On Self-Reliant Leadership, go to the Special Operations Warrior and Green Beret Foundations. He is also a blogger on leadership and change; to learn more, go to http://janrutherford.com.

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