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VIDEO & RESEARCH: Why Being Emotionally Intelligent May Be More Valuable Than Being Smart

Jim Haudan, CEO Root Inc, contests that people no longer want to work for someone who’s all brain and no heart. The twenty-first-century workforce wants to be led by executives who excel equally at navigating through a crisis and creating emotional connections. They want to work for people who act like real feeling, hearing, seeing beings – not one-track-minded automatons. They want experiences with real leaders that matter and make a difference in their growth and development.

But are we getting what we want in our leaders?

Huffington Post’s “Why Leaders Lack Emotional Intelligence” features a chart that depicts the level of emotional intelligence (EQ) as it relates to job title.


The more powerful you become, the more successful you become, the less empathetic you become as well. Simply put, the most important leaders seem to be severely lacking in emotional intelligence.

Jim Haudan continues: “In fact, neuroscience has proven that when we as leaders get promoted and our responsibility grows, it changes the way we think – diminishing our ability to be empathetic. It gets harder and harder to see and feel what other people see and feel. As leaders, when power goes to our heads, it may disconnect our hearts. And leaders without empathy, without the ability to connect with their people, are doomed. Or at the very least, they have a huge obstacle to overcome in order to achieve success. Because our organizations are most poised to succeed when we have people who believe in the big picture … are engaged, motivated, and dedicated to putting forth not only effort, but extra, discretionary effort. When a leader lacks emotional intelligence, this just will not happen.”

The EQ muscle must be a priority.

We’ve got to exercise it regularly – or it’s at risk for atrophy.

Here are the five things you need to do to elevate your EQ starting NOW!

EQ Is Giving IQ a Run for Its Money: Why Being Emotionally Intelligent May Be More Important Than Being Smart

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