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PRESENTATION: The Power of Women | Social Networking

Tap into the power of women to ignite your brand

  • popquizWomen account for 85% of all consumer purchases
  • Social Networking sites have the highest level of user engagement – 69% of internet users are visiting Social media sites each month
  • Women are one of the fastest growing segments on Social Networks. Women account for the majority of online users at 52%
  • Over a third report they are in business for themselves. They spend a significant amount of time online each day with 49% reporting they spend 1 – 2 hours per day for personal use and 48% reporting they spend 5 or more hours per day online for work
  • They belong to multiple Social Networks with 48% reporting they belong to four or more Social Networks

womlotThe top 5 reasons they belong to Social Networks are:

– Network professionally
– Stay up-to-date with friends
– Stay up-to-date with groups they belong to
– Promote their business
– Research products or services


  • They visit Social Networks frequently with 59% visiting Social Networking sites multiple times per day, 14% reporting at least once per day, and 14% reporting several times per week
  • They are highly engaged and comfortable with the technology.

The most popular activities are:

– Viewing video
– Reading blogs
– Posting photos
– Writing in blogs
– Posting comments
  • Facebook growing faster with women than men in almost every age group.
  • Women outnumber men on most social networks and have more friends with 83% reporting they have 81 friends across various social networks.
  • They join and/or start a large number of groups with 28% reporting they belong to more than 10 groups, with business related groups being the most popular group they join or start
  • 53% of Twitter users are women
  • Safeguarding personal privacy is the number one concern for women using Social Networks



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