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Game On: Gamifying Recruitment

In an article in the Sonru Blog, it is reported that companies like Stockfuse.com, Knack.it and Pymetrics.com are among a new breed of technology companies that produce apps that not only invite people to play but also serve as real-world recruiting tools.

The apps are designed to ascertain how candidate might perform in the real job based on their performance in the game. According to Guy Halfteck, founder and chief executive of Knack Inc., “the idea is to measure a job candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in a way that’s fun for that person.”

According to the article “Play This Game and Win a Job!” recently published in the Wall Street Journal, Barclays PLC began testing a mobile videogame for attracting young job applicants.  More than 4,500 mostly college seniors have played the Barclays-branded version of Stockfuse, a free stock-trading game that uses real-time market data. About 8% have applied for positions at the international bank, and so far 17 have been hired.

Game On

Research from SuperData estimates that mobile games have become the most important digital platform for gamers and publishers alike with $25 billion in worldwide revenues last year so it is no suprise that the recruiters have decided to surf the crest of this wave.


However, the article suggests that using games as recruiting tools has its flaws. Job seekers might not take the games seriously enough, experts warn, or they may get the impression a company requires employees to jump through arbitrary hoops to get ahead.

“They’ve only just started to gain traction,” says Karl Kapp, a professor of instructional technology at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and author of “The Gamification of Learning and Instruction.” “There is not a huge body of science behind them at all.”

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