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Hiring: The 10 Deadliest Mistakes!

By Patrick Valtin

 In this article, we provide valuable tips to help business owners detect the most fundamental and costliest mistakes  made when hiring new employees.

DEADLY MISTAKE #1: No awareness of the legal aspects in hiring.

Legal issues regarding hiring are often neglected by the employer. For example, if a dangerous, unqualified or dishonest employee is hired – and harm occurs – the employer faces the potential of a lawsuit for “negligent hiring”. Worse yet, a bad-hiring decision can result in loss of business and damage to a professional reputation that may take years to correct. And if the business is sued, there is often little that can be done to show due diligence. Not knowing who you hire is like playing Russian roulette with the future of your business.

How to avoid: You must develop precise policies and procedures which monitor and guide the hiring process, in compliance with employment laws. These procedures must be clearly communicated to every candidate prior to the interview. One important policy to apply is related to the standardization of your pre-employment screenings and/or background checks: no candidate should be allowed to avoid such actions. By getting all of them through such procedures, you force those who have something to hide to either be honest or to look for another job. And you protect yourself legally!

DEADLY MISTAKE #2: The long-term strategy is unclear.

The company hires simply because there is an empty spot to be filled. Top management is unaware that providing a clear picture of the company’s future and related challenges, is a vital criterion to attract good candidates in your hiring messages.

How to avoid: If you don’t seem to see the future, the applicants will not either. GOOD applicants want to have a clear vision of your company’s plans. They also want to feel that there are opportunities and challenges awaiting them, so they can prove their ability to achieve things. “Knowing where you are going” is a priority to successful hiring. So as part of your marketing effort, make sure you clearly communicate where you company is going – what is does the future look like?

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