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Inside Social Media

Employer branding firm Universum recently released its Inside Social Media report, which surveys the “current state of the social media landscape for employer brands and the trends shaping how and where you engage talent today.”

The channels we use to reach and attract talent are constantly evolving. Now more than ever, you need to adapt to the trends early on.

Social recruiting has become a huge phenomenon, with 84 percent of job seekers having Facebook profiles, and the people surveyed from around the world said that they want to hear from employers via social media, and it becomes clear that capturing and communicating the true essence of your employer brand is crucial.

By asking talent what they think the employers are trying to communicate, we can begin to understand what messages and subjects carry the most weight with followers of employer brands.

Results from a recent study presented at the WSJD Live Conference 2016 indicate that people spend about 11 hours and five minutes a day on tech activities like social media and gaming. Internet time is spent on a precious few apps and websites. For example, 79 percent of a person’s app time is focused on only five apps, while people spend 44 percent of their website time on a mere five websites.

Ask whether your message is reaching the right people and whether those individuals are taking any kind of meaningful action based on your message.

A version of this article originally appeared on Universum. Lars Zander is the global chief marketing and communications officer at Universum.

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