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eBook: Next Generation features of a recruitment software

According to Dorota Beaurin the main idea behind a recruitment software is to centralize the recruitment process :

– The recruitment software lets you post your job vacancies on multiple job boards automatically.
– It helps you shortlist candidates using filter to receive only relevant applications.
– It also should have its own messaging system so that you can send automatic or personalized emails directly from the software.
– Finally it will build a pool of applicants, by storing in its database applications which didn’t go through this time but could offer a god match for a future position.
Next-Generation Tools for Your Recruitment Software

What recruiters need is a way to cut down on the amount of time they spend sorting through resumes, but they need a way to do this that will not filter out great candidates for silly reasons, the way many ATSs currently do. What recruiters need is automated resume parsing/resume matching software.


The main goal of a recruitment software is to offer you a complete recruitment and application management solution :

A front office candidate : Best recruitment softwares allow you to add a career page on your website. This is a page where you display your offers, where candidates can search through the vacancies, upload their CV and apply online.

Distribution : The right recruitment software should help you publish automatically job offers on several websites and social networks.

Filtering : A good recruitment software should automatically sort applications by job type and applicant statuses.

Centralization : recruitment software dashboard helps you follow up in real time essential information related to your current job vacancies. Besides, it includes a dedicated messaging service to automatically reply to each candidate and manage your communication with applicants from a central place.

Build a pool of applicants : If a candidate is not good for job A it doesn’t mean he won’t perfectly match the requirements for job B later. By building a multi-criteria search database, Kioskemploi makes sure this candidate resume is not lost in one of your recruiter’s limbo and can be brought up when necessary. This ensures the number of relevant candidates grows over time.

Statistics an reporting : Kioskemploi gives you access to pre-set analytics as well as customized reports you can configure directly from your dashboard.

In a business world where bad hires are one of the most costly mistakes a company can make, it is surprising how many have not yet taken the leap of using a recruitment software that could save them time and money.


Source: jobboardfinder.net and recruiter.com

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