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VIDEO: Inside Out: Our emotions make us who we are

Jasper Bergink  poses  the perennial question:

What would happen if our emotions would just disappear?
Are we able to regulate our behaviour if we wouldn’t be able to feel joy or sadness anymore?

Those questions form the main idea behind the recent Disney-Pixar movie Inside Out.

wallhaven-255163-1920x1200 ins outThe movie shows the complexity of interacting emotions, but also demonstrates how important emotions are to make individuals function in a social group. The movie finds a simple solution to represent the complexity of human emotions. The emotions of the main character, the 11-year-old Riley, are steered in her head by five personas: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. They are represented by coloured characters, jointly managing her actions. Mostly they act in concordance, but sometimes there are conflicts between emotions wanting Riley to feel differently. Beyond determining how Riley feels, the emotions also serve as administrators of her memory.

Emotions makes us who we are.

Beyond demonstrating the importance of positive emotions, the movie also shows how people and their emotions interact.


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