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Two Decades of Original Thinking — In Pictures

SB_TalkingPictures_slide_934wThis photo gallery is part of the series of blog posts “Celebrating Two Decades of s+b… to get ahead of big ideas, trends, and concepts, writes Joel Kurtzman, founding editor of strategy+business and author of more than 20 books.

The Enterprise Zone

Theory matters, of course. But it is vital to understand the context, the dilemmas, the decision-making process, and the real-world impacts of the transformation of strategy into practice, writes Lawrence M. Fisher, contributing editor of strategy+business. Real cases put flesh and bones on what are otherwise empty business buzzwords.

Why Business Books Still Speak Volumes

Business books have become a big business, writes David K. Hurst, an author and contributing editor of strategy+business. But consumers of business books that offer simplistic checklist-driven solutions run the risk of being trapped between one-off stories that cannot be replicated and universal principles that cannot be practiced because they are too abstract. If they can’t tell us what to do, how can business books help?

image59The Next Big Questions in Management

strategy+business celebrated its anniversary, in part, by gathering together the history of management ideas in the form of 20 questions. “The premise: Management theory emerges as people try to come up with universal answers to day-to-day questions.

How do we get the work done?

How do we win in the market?

How can I work here and still be me?” writes s+b editor-in-chief Art Kleiner.

“We constructed our 20 questions based on a few thousand years’ worth of experience and wisdom. But it may well be that the most interesting questions still haven’t been fully articulated. Some of them may be surfacing now, seemingly out of nowhere. They may seem impractical or irrelevant. But sooner or later, they will likely strike us as the self-evident questions that we should have been asking all along.”


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