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WHITE PAPER: Making Your Marketing Team More Data-Centric

unnamedPicture a world where everyone on your marketing team has the information needed to be successful. Everyone has set clear goals—and timeframes for achieving them.

They all use KPIs to quantify and measure the performance of their programs. Everyone knows exactly where their projects stand.
Take a journey with me to unlock the gates and let the data come streaming through.
Over the course of this guide, I break down data-driven marketing by three broadly defined job functions—comms, digital, and customer marketing—to make things a little easier to digest.

Some of you will neatly fall into one of these marketing functions, while some of you wear multiple hats and will be able to relate to more than one.

wwwRegardless, an overview of the data associated with various marketing programs will help all of us understand how our roles are interconnected in driving marketing success.



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