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VIDEO: Making disruptive leadership work

We live in disruptive times.

4cloevThe evidence of radical change is all around us.

The large scale impact of IoT, BigData, Artificial Intelligence, Infinite Computing and Robotics, is evident through the rapid emergence of Unicorns and Decacorns that change industry forever, driving exponential growth of their digitized offerings.

We’re building game-changing business models and processes leveraging systems and platforms that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

Disruptive Leaders take the path less traveled to offer unique vision, build a culture of frame-bending thinking, shape systems that un-limit and unleash innovative ideas and facilitate exceptional collaboration for inimitable synergy and responsiveness.

Interested in deepening your thinking around disruption opportunities?

Professor Anat Lechner at the Stern School of Business is leading a short course on making disruptive leadership work via learning.ly, a division of The Economist Group.

Here’s a preview:

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