Here are the top three workplace deal breakers:

1. 22 percent of employees who are not getting promoted at your company look to other companies for opportunities to advance their careers. Are you giving employees the chance to move up? Or are you hiring new people to fill jobs that you could be filling from within your current workforce?

2. 14 percent will leave if they don’t have a healthy work-life balance. What does a healthy work-life balance mean to you? Do you expect your people to answer emails on vacations or in the middle of the night? People want to be more than their jobs. They need to be able to leave work at the end of the day and re-charge so they can do their best work tomorrow.

3. Surprisingly, only 10 percent of employees think they’re not being paid what they’re worth so much that they’ll quit their job. It’s really not just about money. People find that building their careers and a healthy work-life balance trump money.

Top Workplace Annoyances

• 82 percent of employees are irritated when their managers don’t know as much about the industry or your team’s projects as they do.
• 82 percent of employees don’t think they’re recognized for their work as often as they deserve.
• 79 percent of employees become annoyed when their co-workers are promoted faster than they are.
• 74 percent of employees want better benefits.

Leaders and HR can learn a lot about what’s driving employees away from their companies and keeping employees from being engaged from the results of this survey.


Infographic by T.C. de Hoyos