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Contracts of employment guidance | Acas

Pay is just one element of a work contract that employers need to understand. Many Employment Tribunal claims arise from poorly drawn up contracts.

Stewart Gee, Acas Head of Guidance, “Employers should give new employees clear terms and conditions as early as possible and encourage them to ask questions if unsure of anything to avoid misunderstandings.”

Did you know that a contract can begin as soon a verbal offer of a job is accepted? Or that terms and conditions of employment (written statements) must be given to an employee within two months of starting?

Here’s some Acas guidance to help:


Contracts of employment guidance


The new employee’s contract: A step-by-step guide


Advice leaflet – varying a contract of employment


Contracts of Employment & Written Statements elearning


Written Statement of Employment template


Hiring staff template form


Acas training – contracts and terms and conditions



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