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Workplace advice and guidance | Acas

Acas guidance on how to conduct workplace investigations

A properly conducted investigation allows an employer or manager to fully consider the matters in hand before making an informed decision, and helps to ensure that the ultimate decision is seen as fair.

Investigations can involve a range of issues from bullying to discrimination. Investigations can also often form an essential part in a disciplinary or dismissal situation.

Acas also provides useful templates to help when writing to an employee and planning and reporting on an investigation.

Managing stress

With 1 in 5 people taking a day off work due to stress, preventing and dealing with workplace stress is a key skill for managers and employers. Acas guidance designed to help:

Stress guidance

Stress at work advice booklet

Promoting positive mental health

Acas training – managing workplace stress


Having difficult conversations

Doing an investigation or talking to colleagues about possible stress can be, in itself, a stressful situation if managers don’t have the rights skills.

Acas ‘Challenging conversations and how to manage them’ guidance gives managers and supervisors advice on how to approach situations in the right way.

There is also training available to help managers gain confidence in handling all types of conversations.

Further resources for employers:

Discipline and grievances at work: The Acas guide

Bullying and harassment guidance

Useful templates for letters, forms and checklists

Conducting investigations training

Managing performance

Recruiting staff

Starting staff: induction

New step-by-step guide on handling pay and wages

Equality and discrimination: understand the basics

Prevent discrimination: support equality

Discrimination: what to do if it happens

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