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Directory of recruitment companies

Directory of job agencies and best recruitment companies

HireScores.com provides information to job seekers and employers to help them find the best recruitment agencies for them. This way candidates and employers are able to easily find a suitable recruiter using the information provided on each profile.

Recruitment company scores

HireScores.com Recruitment Agency Directory showing recruiters ranked in order by candidate scoring their performance against a number of questions. The results gives users the ability to select a recruiter for themselves based on feedback from other candidates.

ffffCandidates can score recruiters against a range of criteria, the results of which can be viewed in a number of ways.
Total Scores: This default view is a ranked list of all candidate feedback on all recruiters
Filtered Scores: You can filter the results by one of 4 candidate categories – Job Sector, Job Area, Job Level, Candidate Type – thus looking at the ranking resulting from candidates from that particular category
Recruiter Views: To look at the overall performance of a particular recruiter simply go to their profile page and their data will be shown as a graph
Reports: Additional information is available through confidential, anonymous reports


Directory of recruitment suppliers and recruitment related services

Recruitment services and products directory

HireScores.com has a recruitment directory which gives information on suppliers of recruitment related products or services, as well as providers of services to the recruitment industry.

Recruitment suppliers are identified in terms of the services they provide – whether they are focused on

  • candidates – job seekers, interims, independent consultants. This includes suppliers of CV writing, recruitment interview guidance, job coaching, careers advice, information sources and job search guidance.
  • employers – employing companies, using recruiters to help with the sourcing or recruiting of candidates. This includes pre-employment services (referencing, security checks etc), HR consultancy, recruitment related consulting.
  • recruiters – recruitment agencies, headhunters, employment agencies. This includes recruitment research, recruitment related professional bodies

In addition you can search by supplier category.

Allowing you to quickly find a CV writing service, or a provider of pre-employment checking services, or indeed your next recruitment software provider.

show candidate related recruitment suppliers show employer related recruitment suppliers show recruiter related recruitment suppliers


Recruitment Industry Supplier Directory: To have your company listed in our Industry Supplier Pages you must become an Institute of Recruiters partner company.  It’s quick and easy to become a partner company and get listed.  Simply Email accounts@theior.org.uk or call 0871 288 2108 to join now.

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