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Self-Employment: Your own little career nirvana

Acording to tatistics show that people who work for themselves are generally happier at what they do than those who work full time – even if they take home a little less in their pay packet each month during the early stages of their business.

According to figures published by REC and Companies House, more than 9,000 new recruitment businesses were registered over the last two years.

All of which point to a strengthening sector that is seeing an increasing number of recruiters spot the opportunity to jump ship and swim the seas to what many perceive to be their own career nirvana as a recruitment start-up. So we did a little research and here is what we found.

Recent research undertaken by the think-tank Bright Blue found that more than three-quarters (80%) of self-employed people in the UK are ‘overwhelmingly satisfied’ with their work, compared to 74% of their ‘employed’ counterparts. Self-employed people are more ambitious too.

According to the same report, 3 out of 4 new business owners are focused on sustaining a good standard of living, while 13% intend to grow their business as large as possible.

SOURCE: simplicityinbusiness.co.uk

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