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Work/Life Balance & Happiness

VIDEO & Research: Happy maps | Why should you sacrifice quietness, beauty, and ultimately happiness for efficiency?

Data analyst Daniele Quercia combines maps and happiness, and contests that caught in the fast pace of life, people tend to sacrifice quietness, beauty, and ultimately happiness for efficiency. Based on these findings, he created an app that offers you the happiest, prettiest, and quietest route instead of the shortest …

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VIDEO & Research: The happiest days are behind you | The past, not the future, is the source of happiness.

According to  Jasper Bergink, the common tendency of individuals is to see happiness as something in the future. One of the main reasons why people are unhappy is that they project happiness on goals they haven’t achieved yet. And often, these goals are conflicting. As Biswas-Diener, a happiness researcher and …

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Research: WORKING SMARTER | A Guide for Better Work-Life Balance

According to  Joe Robinson “Work Life Balance” is a controversial phrase because it’s debatable whether “balance”, if one imagines an equally weighted scale, is really possible (especially for most senior managers and executives). Nevertheless, the concept of “balance” is an important one for our healthy and well-being and working towards …

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