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The key findings from this report indicate that construction professionals view procurement as absolutely crucial to the delivery of a project on time, on budget and to a high quality, with 87% of respondents of the belief that good procurement is synonymous with a successful project. 82% of respondents believe …

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How are the Top UK Contractors using Social Media Marketing

Whilst companies are embracing social media integration, past results demonstrated that there was still room for construction companies to further embrace online platforms. How much growth has there been in social media marketing for construction companies? Has this gap begun to close? Are more contractors beginning to fully engage with …

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WHITE PAPER & Survey: Corruption in the UK Construction Industry | Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

This research examines the stance of construction industry professionals on the current state of corruption within the UK construction industry. This report centres on whether corruption is perceived to be a problem within the UK construction industry, what practices are deemed to be corrupt, and which parts of the construction …

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Construction Contractors Market Report – Focus on Sector Capability and Strategy |UK 2015-2019 Analysis

The contracting industry has undergone a period of considerable change and construction was one of the hardest hit sectors in the UK economic downturn as output and activity started to decelerate in 2008. As a result, many contractors have undergone a reshaping of their business as the UK moved from …

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