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Women in the Workplace | Happiness is not the issue. Equality is the issue!

Anne-Marie Slaughter contests that women still have a much harder time than men fitting work and family together without saying that women are “secretly miserable” or that they shouldn’t value career and financial  independence. As  argues in her new book, the desire to advance our personal goals and live up …

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INTERACTIVE MAP: Money makes the world go round, but a perfect measurement of Wellbeing does not exist | Create your Better Life Index with Social Progress Imperative

Jasper Bergink puts into perspective  the  European Commission expert conference on ‘beyond GDP’ that ties up with his article in Next Generation for Europe magazine NGE Magazine 1. In the conference, Enrico Giovannini, a former Italian Minister and OECD Chief Statistician, contested that the ‘battle of measurement’ has been won. In comparison to …

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